Adolescents are losing teeth and growing: this is an excellent time to pursue orthodontic treatment.

Adolescence is an impressionable time.  A healthy, straight smile can help teens develop the confidence to become the best versions of themselves and have confidence to smile and stand up in front of others.  Straight teeth are easier to keep clean.  Treating patients who are growing gives us the ability to align teeth in a developing jaw to help create the most muscle balance and thus the best opportunity for long term stability and airway development.



Kids see classmates with braces and often look to YouTube to learn about braces, but only a professional consultation with an orthodontic specialist will help identify the specific issues with alignment, bite, and facial development that could be helped with orthodontic treatment.  There are multiple options to help them achieve a beautiful smile to be proud of. Here at Quad City Orthodontics, we specialize in helping adolescents receive orthodontic treatment that will be the best fit with their lifestyle to achieve the results they want. Unfortunately, teeth do not straighten out with age, so now is the time so take care of them. We offer indirect bonding and Aligner Treatment as options to help reduce treatment times.




Orthodontic treatment can improve your appearance, self-esteem, and even oral health problems. Crooked teeth can cause tartar buildup as well as other diseases. Orthodontic treatment can help to prevent this.

Brushing your teeth can be difficult when your teeth do not line up correctly. This can lead to more cavities as well as decay. Orthodontic treatment will result not only in straight teeth but also an overall healthier mouth.

Before treatment, our trusted and qualified staff makes sure to thoroughly examine your mouth as well as take X-rays. We will discuss various options with you so that you know exactly which treatment plan would be best for you.  Our passion is creating smiles and we are here to work with you. We want to make sure you feel comfortable with the cost as well as the time frame of treatment. If your insurance plan covers all or some of it, we are happy to work with them.