Invisalign® and QCO Aligners®

We are proud to offer Invisalign® clear aligner treatment for our patients since 1998.  QCO Aligners are a more recent treatment option, thanks to the development of 3-D printing and custom digital tooth movements.





What is Invisalign®?

The Invisalign® system is the clear way to straighten your teeth and give you a smile of which you can be proud. It uses advanced, 3D computer-imaging technology to create your whole treatment plan from where your teeth are now to where they need to be.


Patients needing minor movements are good candidates for our custom brand of QCO Aligners. For more extensive treatment needs, we prefer to utilize the Invisalign system of clear aligners.




The important part of aligner therapy that allows teeth to move properly is the use of clear plastic attachments on teeth to allow the aligners to gain a proper grip over teeth to hold aligners in place and to move individual teeth.


Proper treatment planning by an orthodontist is key to achieving proper results with aligner treatment.



Will Clear aligners fit my lifestyle?
Many people don’t want braces because of the inconvenience. Clear aligner treatment can be a great fit for some people.

They are removable so you can take them out and eat whatever you want. You can also take them out to brush your teeth so that you don’t have to worry about missing any spots. This will keep your teeth healthy through your whole procedure.

You can still do whatever you want when you wear your aligners. You can go to fancy places and no one will know. You can still work, go to school, play sports, and do whatever else you enjoy doing. You can even smile without worrying about others noticing your braces. They won’t even know.


What are the benefits of clear aligner treatment?

Since aligners are clear, you can get the results you deserve without anyone even knowing you are getting treated. You can still perform all of your normal daily tasks while simultaneously working on your smile.







Dental Monitoring

We are proud to collaborate with Dental Monitoring to track tooth movements for patients in aligners more frequently and more thoroughly. Our patients are invited to use the innovative Dental Monitoring system that asks patients to take a series of photos with aligners in and out.  The images are reviewed with Artificial Intelligence to confirm if teeth are tracking properly ant review for proper brushing.  Doctors assure that the teeth are moving properly between visits, allowing longer intervals between visits to accommodate busy schedules and to help minimize treatment time.  We bring patients in for visits when necessary rather than at a preset interval.



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