Let’s Make a Plan

Your initial consultation with our team is complimentary.

Dr. Richards will conduct a thorough exam of the teeth and face to determine what type of treatment will result in the best outcome for each patient. In easy to understand terms, we will describe the unique characteristics of your teeth and face, and then explain the function and benefits of each stage of treatment. The exact treatment plan will be confirmed by evaluating specialized X-rays, photographs, and models.

At our office, we try to minimize the length of time each patient wears braces. Thus, timing the start of braces is critical. We will inform you whether “now” is the ideal time to start or if waiting would be to your benefit.

Once a treatment plan is determined, we will be able to discuss the estimated length of treatment as well as a fee for the treatment. Our Financial Coordinator will discuss payment options designed to meet your individual needs.

We have examples of various orthodontic appliances, allowing patients to visualize treatment. We also have an interactive computer program that allows us to demonstrate treatment options and how treatment will progress.

Please assist us by providing the following information at the time of your first visit:

  • Any panoramic X-rays taken within the last six months.
  • Insurance card if you have orthodontic benefits.
  • A completed Patient Information Form and Privacy Consent Form found on our website or sent via mail if requested.